Prof. R. Gudauskas, “Sustainable Smart City Concept and Integrated Landscape Management”

Risk Trentds 2015 11.GudauskasSmartCitiespng_Page11The world’s urban population is expected to double by 2050. By 2030, six out of every ten people will live in a city and, by 2050, this figure will run to seven out of ten.

In real terms, the number of urban residents is growing by nearly 60 million people every year . As the planet becomes more urban, cities need to become smarter.

The Idea

At its core, the idea of Smart Cities is rooted in the creation and connection of human capital, social capital and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in order to generate greater and more sustainable economic development and a better quality of life.

Smart City solutions

Smart  City  solutions  are  developed  and refined  through  Smart  City  initiatives, either  as  discrete  projects  or  (more usually)  as  a  network  of  overlapping activities.

Full presentation can be found here:
Prof. R. Gudauskas, ‘Sustainable Smart City Concept and Integrated Landscape Management‘ (pdf).

Risk Trentds 2015 11.GudauskasSmartCitiespng_Page11

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