U.S. Ambassador in Lithuania Anne Hall today announced the launch of a new €10,000 award

lt_award_getfileattachmentAward  aimed at highlighting and promoting innovative cooperation between the United States and Lithuania. The Lithuanian-American Innovation Award will be granted to a Lithuanian individual, organization, university, or firm that has developed an innovation in collaboration with a U.S. partner. The new award was established by the American-Lithuanian Business Council (ALBC), the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF), and the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius.
“We all understand the importance of innovation to the economies of both Lithuania and the United States,” said Ambassador Hall. “We want to celebrate the creativity of the Lithuanian and American people and what we can accomplish when we work together.”
The Innovation Award will recognize creative solutions and developments broadly across business and commerce, academic and scientific research, medicine and health, the environment, energy, and education. Any project that demonstrates a clear Lithuania-American partnership is eligible.
The organizers invite a large pool of candidates to apply by January 18, 2017. The core requirements are that the project demonstrates innovation, impact or potential impact of the innovation, and collaboration with a U.S. individual or entity.
To learn more about the award, and to download an application, visit amlithbc.org/award



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