Entrepreneur 2.0 Project is Complete!

en2One of 7 European partners, including “Think Tank LT” was involved in the Entrepreneur 2.0 Initiative which aims to equip individuals, especially unemployed young people and micro SME owners with skills on exploiting Web 2.0 (interactive web based) tools so that they can become successful entrepreneurs in markets outside their national borders.


Based on the fact that the key to employment, prosperity and development is entrepreneurship, for the first time associations of SMEs and micro SMEs, start ups, joined a european consultancy and training initiative to advance entrepreneurship based on web 2.0 tools and established the foreground for successful Entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The structure of the project follows such a model that:

  • Allowed microSME  owners, potential start up owners, self-employed people as well as unemployed people that face the implications of the current financial crisis to become the new generation of entrepreneurs capable to exploit Web 2.0 technologies for advancing their products and services more effectively at a wider european and international client portfolio.
  • A collection of good practices and successful stories of new entrepreneurs, start-ups
    and SMEs that have exploited efficiently Web 2.0 tools was presented during seven meetings in seven different partnering countries.
  • The list of all tools analyzed during the project and which are suitable for Entrepreneurs  is represented in wikispaces at internet address:

You can also view our and partners video review here:



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